Hi, I'm Michael and welcome to my site. I am a business professional with experience in healthcare, digital media, creative, and mobile.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, I am currently Sr. Project Manager, Prime Analytics⁠—a new enterprise-wide initiative aimed at unifying the large analytics community through talent, standard work, and visible work. This includes:

• Communication and collaboration with data science, informatics, data governance and analytics teams
• Supporting major training initiatives and managing community events such as workshops, hackathons, seminars, and bootcamps
• Building relationships with stakeholders and partnering with departments to drive forward objectives using advanced tools & technology
• Tracking and measuring key results using a data-driven approach

My background is in mobile and web apps, media, advertising, e-commerce, analytics, websites, and event production. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball 🏀, traveling 🧳, spending time with friends & family ⏳, drawing 🖍️ and painting 🎨.

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